VM "bad performance" but CPU usage and Memory usage are OK!

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A colleague told me that his VM performances bad. I checked in vCenter the CPU Usage (Maximum over last month) and Memory Usage (Maximum over last month) both values are below 75%.
CPU ready value (over last week maximum) was 83968.

The VM has 1vCPU and 4GB RAM

What should I do???

Any help would be appreciated

Environment: 3* ESX3.5 U4 in a HA/DRS Cluster
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Check if there are other programs on the host that are hoging resources.
Have you checked the fragmentation on the system volume?  If it's pretty fagmented that can cause slowdowns.
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There are couple things you can do:

1. enable perfmon monitoring in OS to capture process, cpu, disk, memory & network usage for at least a week, performance issue need time to investigate
2. study the VM performance chart, see graph pattern for any trend, confirm with your colleague for specific time period VM performance is bad
3. check if the VM depends on other server, for example web server that depends on DB server, could be DB server is having problem
4. check if that VM is on a same LUN with other busy VM, you might want to move it to another LUN or dedicated disk
5. you might want to reserve resources for the vm, 1/2 of the assigned memory & at least 10% MHz of the host CPU to the vm should be sufficient
6. restart the VM OS and observe for any performance difference

Adding to the other Experts Comments check for

1.Any Software Upgrade or Patch Deployment
2.Intrusions by Virus or other Security Threats

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