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We have a few employees who must log into a customer web page regularly.  This web page always forces them off.  I have tested and experienced it myself.  The website will log you out even if you are clicking around the whole time.  So I assume it cannot be a time sensitive logout.  The web page will always say "Forced Off" after the web address in the box at the top of explorer when this happens.  I am just trying to figure out if there is a network/firewall change I can make to relieve this problem.  The website help desk claims there is nothing wrong with their site.  And they told us to use only explorer, which we do.

All computers in our office experiences this.  I am not certain how the site reacts to users outside of my office.  I am investigating this.

Any ideas are appreciated.  My employees spending hours on what should be done in minutes because they are unable to navigate this website and download the information they need to complete their work.  
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I've seen this occur when the website has either an ad or in another way brings content to the page from another domain and you cannot connect to that domain either because of the firewall or security settings within IE (internet zone).

When it happens I would suggest hitting the back button then quickly hitting the stop button after the page starts loading then do a (IE7) Page/View Source and save that for the website support desk to look at.  They should be able to look at that code to determine what external domains your browser is being sent to for external ads or other information for that page.

There is also a slight possibility the issue may have to do with a disabled ActiveX control.

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