Language (char set?) issue

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I'm doing this:

$wiki_url = '';
$content_raw = file_get_contents($wiki_url);

and then I strip down to the content I need, which includes removing the meta/header/html.

After doing that, some of the text is in strange characters, like " coup d'état ' instead of " coup d'état ".

What am I dealing with here, and how can I convert the string so it's in english characters, ie: " coup d'etat "

Thanks,  Chris
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Use a function called
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Wikipedia use utf8, your page is probably using iso-8859-1. I think you need the opposite function from what mallcore suggests: utf8_decode($string).


Yes!  Tried them both, this worked, thank you both for your suggestions.
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Darn. Missed the follow-up opportunity. :) Oh well. cxr basically said what I was trying to explain in the last question you asked.


Heh, well, if you do javascript as well, I've got another challenge at:

Another one of my 'almost there, but not quite working right' projects I'm trying to work on today :)

I don't see js on your profile though...

Hmm,  guess I forgot about JS when I was tweaking my profile the other day. I can do JS. :) Hope I answered your JS question.

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