Backup exec 12.5 scheduled jobs don't run waiting for tape

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I have Backup exec 12.5 running on a Windows 2003 server.  the environment is set up as follows:

1- Media Sets: 3 media sets: daily, weekly and monthly
2- Jobs: daily Differential (data)
              Daily Differential (Exchange)
              Weekly Full (data)
              Weekly Full (Exchange)
              Monthly Full (data)
              Monthly Full (Exchange)

Issue is as follows:
Depending on the job type, the appropriate mediate set is selected, if the job is selected and i run it manually, the job runs fine and picks up the correct media set and i get a 100% successful job completion but if the job runs on the schedule, it sits and asks for an overwritable tape.
NOTE: I am scheduling and manually running the exact same job.

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First I would make sure Backup Exec is patched. Go to Help, About Backup Exec and click Installed Updates. Unless you see SP2, you are not up to date. Click Get Updates and it will update itself.
I would suggest creating a new overwriteable media set and and adding the media to this new set, the default media set in BE 12.5 is non-overwriteable

(Dont forget to assign your daily job to use the new media set)


All, thank you for the response.
the  SP level is 2 and all patches as provided by the engine (live update) are installed).
the media set that i am using is a manually created one not a default backup exec created one.  I have also deleted previous media sets and created new ones more than once.

any other ideas?
recreated the media set again, no go, created a new media set, left the old one (this is the only change which doesnt make sense), now all is working well.
not convinced for obvious reasons but i am closing the case.

thanks to all

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