Conflicting ip when using a Dell dock station

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We have a few Dell laptops and Dell dock stations at a few remote locations and manually input the ip to reflect that location within our LAN.  When viewing one of those laptops/dock stations or trying to remote for maintenance it shows a different ip that was assigned with our LAN.  If the notebook is un-docked and the network cable connected directly to the laptop the ip shows as it should.   Any ideas on what causes this or a way to correct it?  We have multiple of these setups and they all have the same problem when docked.
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The laptop will have a 2 hardware profiles because the standalone profile will only have the internal nic and the docking station profile will have the docking stations nic.  When you configure one network connection with a hard coded IP it won't apply automatically to the other.
Simple Terms.

You are plugging into 2 different Lan cards. 
1 on the laptop
1 on the Docking station.
They are each has 1 lan port and do not share a brain

What do you mean when you say you "manually input the IP"?  Do you mean that, on the laptops themselves, you set static IP addresses?  Or do you mean that, in the router, you bind a specific IP address to each laptop's specific MAC address?

If the former, you would just go to each laptop and manually input the same IP address into the network configuration it uses for its docking station that it uses for its regular NIC card.

If the latter, than several possible solutions:

1) hardcode an IP address for each docking station as well as each laptop, because the docking stations have their own LAN cards, with their own MAC addresses.  

2)  Set the BIOS's in the laptops to not use the docking station's LAN card, which will force users to use the LAN cards built into the laptops (and plug the ethernet cable into the laptop's LAN port, even when the laptop is connected to the docking station), but that reduces the utility of the docking station.  

3) Change the MAC address of each docking station to match the MAC address of its corresponding laptop (assuming each user always uses the same docking station/laptop pair), using something like this:

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