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I have mysql server. I want to start creating log to record amends made to the database. I understand you do this by binary logging. I have not had success setting this up. Following advice in another thread I did as follows.

In my.ini file amended it thus. The my.ini file is in C:windows ( i have xp pro service pack2).



I then stopped mysql server and restarted it. I made a change to the database but see no new file being created in C:/mybackup/log-bin/mylogbin. I incidentally setup that folder structure.

Could somebody show me what to do to at least get logging? I will then take it from there.


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Hi Guys I am stil having problems with this but may need to start a new thread. My my.ini file is in windows and I have it at present as follows.



I use sqlfront 4.1 to configure the database and if I run


I get

Variable_name: log_bin
Value: OFF

it has never been turned on. Why would this be? mysql runs as a serive, I installed it with xampp, do n ay of these have a bearing. Can I start it with "shell" script? If anybody could give me some script for this it would be good, preferably in php. I have scoured the mysql online documentation so directing me to any of those pages probably won't help as I have read them many times and still can't get there. thanks.


i got to the bottom of this. the issue is I installed it with xampp and u need to alter the my.cnf in the bin directory. it totally overrides my.ini. As the article below says, there must have been some headaches caused by this


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