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A user installs my app and the app starts and puts a icon in the system tray. If the user tries to install the app again I have a kill process if one is already running. The process is killed but the system tray icon is still there until you move the mouse over it then its gone.

I want the icon to be disposed at the same time the process is being killed in the InstallerClass.cs and removed from the system tray.

How do I go about this?


public override void Install(IDictionary savedState)
            //int x = 0;
            foreach (Process p in System.Diagnostics.Process.GetProcessesByName("DrEckApplication"))
                //if (x > 0)
                        p.WaitForExit(); // possibly with a timeout
                    catch (Win32Exception winException)
                        // process was terminating or can't be terminated - deal with it
                    catch (InvalidOperationException invalidException)
                        // process has already exited - might be able to let this one go

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This is a common problem that seems to exist on all Windows applications that have a system tray icon.

To avoid it, you will need to find another way of ending the process before an update, such as communicating with it to close properly.

I believe the simplist way would be for your InstallerClass.cs to perform a TCP/IP connection to the instance already running, asking it to close without being killed. There are probably neater ways to achieve the same thing though...

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