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I installed openVPN Access Server and have connected to both the admin and client web interfaces.  When I tested the client connect on a computer within the LAN (just to test) it works...connecting to the VPN and assigning it a VPN ip address.

But, when I connect to the client web interface from a client computer in a remote location I can download and install the program, but when I try to connect it gets stuck and says "Connecting TCP".

Also, once I'm connected how do I map a network drive?  Do you map it using the

\\<VPN assigned IP address>\<shared folder>

linux username and pswd

Fedora 11

Windows XP

Help would be greatly appreciated...thx!
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Seems odd.  Openvpn by default uses UDP transport.  Can you be a little more clear about what is providing that error message?  Is it the openvpn gui on the Windows client?  Can you post (sanitized) configuration files?  (remove your IP addresses or change them to bogus numbers)

If you have the proper routes pushed from the server to the client, you would generally map the drive as \\SERVERIP\share not the VPNASSIGNED IP

The VPN IP addresses are just to create a link between the remote device and the local network.
thanks to some help from openvpn support after looking at the client log file,  we realized i had the wrong "Hostname or IP Address" in the admin console.....I had mistakenly left the local ip address.  once i changed this in the admin console, saved the changes, and reinstalled the client software everything connected w/o an issue.


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