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Can I set timer interval to more than 60 seconds? Say I want to set it to 10 mins. VB6 did not allow more than 60 seconds as timer interval and there was a work-around solution. But before I work with the same workaround login in vb.net, I want to know if the same limitaiton is there in vb.net also.

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Yes, you can set it longer than a minute now:

    Timer1.Interval = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(10).TotalMilliseconds
The Timer.Interval is an Integer value.
In VB6, the Integer is a 16 Bit signed integer with a maximum of 32,767.  (i.e. about 32 seconds)
In VB.NET, the Integer is a 32 Bit signed integer, with a maximum of 2,147,483,647 (i.e. about 2 million seconds, or about 68 years.

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