move Management VLAN out of VLAN1 and create new Management VLAN.

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move Management VLAN out of VLAN1 and create new Management VLAN 2 without assigning any user ports to it.  I need instuctions of how to do it. Please help
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Create new VLAN
vlan 2
 name Management

Assign ports needed ports to vlan.
Interface fa0/1
 switchport access vlan 2
How are you planning to route to new vlan?


I can't assign interface fa0/1,  is connected to a workstations or any fa port since it's used by workstations. I'm not sure about this part of routing. the switch is connected to another switch via gi int via fiber and that switch connects to the router via fa interface.  Please help. I'm pretty new to this stuff.
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Understood.  Will work with you, but just a point why no one else has jumped in only 50 points.
- what is your responsibiltiy are you in charge of the network.  Did you set it up?
- Do you already have a management network that other devices use or is this new?
- If it is already there think this will be simple.


1. Yes i'm in charge of the network. I did not set it up.
2. We our currently using vlan1 as the management network. I have to assign a new subnet to this new management vlan2.

Create new VLAN (e.g. VLAN 99) for management and follow these steps
interface vlan99
ip address (switch management IP)
you will have to do this on both the switches (assign seperate management IP's). Pass management VLAN from the trunk ports (fiber connected to both the swithces). you will have to assign atleast one port of any switch to the management VLAN so that you can connect the workstation and access both the switches.



   Does the port on the switch have to be connected to anything, could it be an open port with no workstation connected to it? The workstation I currently use to manage these devices are not connected directly to any of the network devices.  The routers are routing me to the correct destinations.
My example was if you have L2 switches. If you are routing these IP's (switch or router) then you dont evan have to add one port to the management VLAN

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