PC hidden from the IT Helpdesk staff

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You will find this a liitle strange. Somehow I managed to remove the access to my laptop by the Helpdesk analysts.
My laptop connects to the company network and have access to all resources like any other network pc.
It can be pinged and repliies to the ping
They cannot see it or have access to the laptop or its local drive.

I know I've removed/deleted a file or something but cannot remember what. I do not want to re-image it or remove/re-connect to the domain before finding out what I have done.

Laptop = Lenovo T400, XP
Network, windows / AD

Any ideas?
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Have you checked that the Windows filrewall (or third party firewall) is disabled?
Have you installed Ad-aware? If you have ,remove it and have them try remotely connecting again.

according to what i understood ... check your firewall
for testing ... disable it and try

check the network settings (ip range .. subnet .. )
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still ??


Thanks for your suggestions but there is no local firewall running or any ad-aware.

I will remove it from and add it to the domain and see what happens

thanks again
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Sounds like their Domain Group that should be in the Local Admins group was removed.....
Compare with another PC....
Removed and added to domain but still not seen. Last thing left is to re-image with the base image.

Thanks for trying.

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