Raid Array 5 Failed

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Hi, I have an HP ProLiant DL380 G3 server. I'm using an HP Smart Array 5i adapter. I believe that this has gone bad. I have a RAID 5 setup with five 150 GB drives, including a sixth 150 GB drive that is used as a spare.

When I go into the Array BIOS, the status of the array is "FAILED". If I view the array, all the drives are listed, and it says that they are ok. However, I can't boot into Windows. Please help. Thanks in advance.
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I'm attaching a screenshot of the Raid Array BIOS, this is what is shown.
Have you tried simply rebuilding the RAID?
No I haven't, will I lose the data if I do this?
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No, it should be fine
I'm looking for something along the lines of "Rebuild" on the Raid BIOS but I don't see it. How would I rebuild it?
I have seen the rebuild array when a drive fails in the Raid manager within windows, but I can not find any option to rebuild the array in the Raid cards BIOS.
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Please boot SmartStart, select diagnostics and run the Array Diagnostic Utility and upload the file the ADU reports, also look ay it using tha ACU (same place on smartstart) since ORCA is not very powerful.
What is the Smart Start?
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Go to HP's web, select download drivers and software and there's an ISO of smartstart to download and burn. It has diags and also it is the normal OS install method.
Thank you.

I just rebuilt the server to a spare server that we keep. Lost some data, but only a few hours. I will continue to work on the failed server to see if I can recover the data.

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