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Most of my clients are totally happy with a WYSIWYG uploader in the CMS where they can just copy & paste, no problems.  But now I have a lawyer client that wants to upload Word docs onto his site that have all sorts of footnotes and internal links built-in to the documents (the links just refer to certain areas of the same document).  The problem is when we paste a document in, it is very time consuming because the body text has to be copied in seperate from the footnotes and once done, the formatting is all screwy (yes, that is a technical term).
We tried converting the document to HTML before pasting, but that also throws off the formatting because of the footnote links.
So, we need an uploader that will take the Word doc and upload it to the site without altering the format.

Any ideas?
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You can't use PDFs instead?
try google docs embed with iframe.  I never tried, but should work.
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Thank you.

Joanne Orzech
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