Hovering of a FlexGrid in Visual Basic

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Is there any type of VB6 grid tool that will expand a row of information as I hover over it?
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You would have to write a few lines of code..
You need a Timer for a 'Hover' function and a Public PreviousRow as Long..
You could experiment with something like this..

 FlxGrid_MouseMove(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, x As Single, y As Single)
  ThisRow = FlxGrid.MouseRow
  If ThisRow <> PreviousRow  Then
    FlxGrid.RowHeight(PreviousRow) = 250 ' Normal
    PreviousRow = ThisRow
   Timer1.Enabled = False: Timer1.Enabled = True ' Resets the 1 second timer
 End If

In the Timer1
  If PreviousRow > 0 Then FlxGrid.RowHeight(PreviousRow) = 600 :  PreviousRow = 0

In FlxGrid LostFocus and Form_MouseMove..
  If PreviousRow > 0 Then
  FlxGrid.RowHeight(PreviousRow) = 250 ' Normal
  PreviousRow = 0

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