Sharing iSCSI between IIS Servers

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I'm using free version of starwind iscsi target and I have setup a disk that allows multiple connections. I then have 2 web servers WEB1 and WEB2. Using Microsofts iSCSI initiator I can connect to the target from both servers at the same time. The problem is that I can't read and write files between them. The plan is to update the target with web files so both WEB1 and WEB2 get the updated files at the same time.

I'm using server 2003 standard as all of the OSes so no clustering is possible. Has anyone tried this kind of setup and is it even possible?
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No - you can't and if you continue, you'll end up corrupting the volume. You cannot share an NTFS volume between two servers - end of story. Microsoft clustering allows you to connect two servers to the same physical disk at the same time, but only one server can own the disk at any given time.

Put the data on a Windows share instead, or use a script to update the files - but you will have to stop sharing an iSCSI volume between two servers or corruption is the inevitable result.
There are file systems that allow multiple access such as VMware's VMFS or Quantums's StorNext. VMFS is specific to VMware ESX Servers and StorNext is probably way too costly for what you want to do...
Thanks! Glad I could help.

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