unable to map drive in Citrix to sharepoint folders

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I'm able to map drives to sharepoint document folders with no problems at workstations such as doing it like this:   Tools, map network drive, H drive to: \\sharepointserver\clientdocuments

This will not work inside of Citrix though on a server 2003.  I've also tried the full link http://sharepointshare/clientdocuments

The Citrix users have to use the internet explorer interface which they do not like...
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thats because you are technically mapping SQL drives and that needs to be done from a client os. If you are running server 2003 in your citrix environment you will not be able to map the drive. Although I haven't done it myself yet cause I don't have users logging into server OS's I here that there is this tweak that allows it to work.

go to "Network Connections", and select "Advanced", "Advanced Settings", you will see the connection settings.  You should see two tabs, "adapters and bindings" and "Provider Order", but on problem clients "Provider Order" does not appear.  To correct this you must make a registry edit here;


You  must edit, ProviderOrder, and add "WebClient", than reboot the client.  After completing this, you will be able to UNC to SharePoint drives and map the drives without issue.  That tab should also appear.  

I believe you can also add it to my network places on any OS


I checked and Web Client is listed:
 -Provider Order:
     Microsoft Terminal Services
     Microsoft Windows Network
     Web Client Network
     Citrix Single Sign-on
then make sure that the web client service is actually stated and running and you should be fine


amazing! it was the service, it was disabled!
Thank you!~
This seems to be my problem, however my web client network is working fine LOCALLY but I still cannot map to sharepoint through Citrix.  Does the CITRIX server need to have this service running?

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