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We have 2 main tables on two different servers
Table A is the primary Table on primary Server
Table B is a replication of the primary Table on Secondary Server
Table C [1 day of Table B's Data]  (On same server and database-secondary server)

I want to know how/what is the best method
for creating a third table which contains only 1 day worth of Data
I will write a script which deletes all data from table C for old data
that runs every night.

How do I get the data into Table C?

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AneeshDatabase Consultant
Top Expert 2009
Why do you need the data on the replicated server ?

SELECT * from MasteTable
WHERE DateField >=CONVERT(varchar,  GetDate()-1, 112)

--to delete the master table ,use this if you dont have any relations



we need the data on the replicated server for running reports

I wrote a trigger which does an insert  currently and then a delete at night via a scheduled task
I'm not even sure why you need a table.

Why not create a view for the current day?  Unless you need to change the data and want it as a separate set of data not to impact the real data.

Think of using a view.

Otherwise, you can schedule a task to truncate the table and re-insert new data for "table c"
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hmmm a view ... maybe ...

When I run certain commands they take forever because the I cant use the indexes of the table and
the queries need to do a table scan to get the data I need

The table has several million rows so I thought if I kept only 1 day worth of data then it will make
those reports faster.

If I make a view it will need to query the main table and filer based on a table scan for dates, yes?

I need the most optimized solution possible because of the big data set

Thanks for the ideas guys
Maybe you should optimize a table.

I have a table that has over 500 million rows.....

You need to avoid Table Scans.  They are VERY VERY bad.

You can also index a view.


2 questions then

1 in order to make the view aren't I doing a table scan on the date range, and isn't this occurring
every time the view gets called

2 how can you avoid table scans if you need to filter on an item that is not an index
like a phone number which has multiple entries per day?

Doesn't putting the data into tables that have the data for 1 day 7 days 40 days and all days solve these problems?


fixed the problem by adding more indexes to the table
AneeshDatabase Consultant
Top Expert 2009

I would rather suggest partition the table instead of a view

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