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In code, I retrieve a bitmap that has been drawn with on a picturebox by the user. This drawing is a white background with black pen, and can be of any size within the bounds of the picturebox. What I need to do first is remove all the excess whitespace around the bitmap. The way I have been doing this has been to run an iteration through every pixel of the bitmap, looking for black, and recording these co-ordinates. With the bitmap being at least 300 x 120 pixels this iteration takes time, around 6 minutes on this PC. I need:

A) a more efficient way to find the useful part of the image on the bitmap.
B) a way to move this part of the image to a new bitmap
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Yuo can use  Bitmap.LockBits function . That function get data from bitmap to BitMapData and it is pointer based so it is much faster than normal image scanning.

you can find sample over here.
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I think a better approach would be to use graphics paths and keep storing those paths as well as drawing. This way, you can draw those paths again on a different bitmap. Its like vector graphics. Here are few examples of using graphicspath.



You gave me the idea to call a Sub that recorded the limits of the drawing as it was created, this meant I didn't have to process the image to find the unused space.

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