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Hi, in this question:
I asked for the easiest way to share files between two seperate LAN's that each have their own internet connection, without, also sharing internet connections.   From the answers I've received, it seems like the best way to do this, is to replace both primary routers in each location, with routers that support RIP, and add a third router between them, that ALSO supports RIP.   Of course if you have other suggestions I'd love to hear them.  I'm looking to pick this project back up.

Issue is, it seems like many routers don't list RIP support in their specs.  I'm looking for inexpensive (<$50 internet price) wireless AND wired router suggestions, that support RIP.   Currently I have a older Trendnet wireless G router as my primary, and my friend has an older Belkin.  I don't think either support RIP.  

If there is a chart or table online of routers that support RIP, or some other way to know if a router does RIP, that would also be very helpful.
Lastly, as far s the "middle" RIP router that connects both, do the network cords from the primary routers, connect to LAN ports on the "middle" router?  Or does one of the primary routers need to connect to it's WAN / internet port?  
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Numerous inexpensive Linksys routers support RIP. The setting is usually on the Setup 'tab' in the Advanced Routing submenu, under the option Dynamic Routing.

Here's a description if its settings from the WRT54G manual:

Dynamic Routing
RIP This feature enables the Router to automatically
adjust to physical changes in the networks layout and
exchange routing tables with the other router(s). The
Router determines the network packets route based on
the fewest number of hops between the source and the
destination. This feature is Disabled by default. From the
drop-down menu, you can also select LAN & Wireless,
which performs dynamic routing over your Ethernet and
wireless networks. You can also select WAN (Internet),
which performs dynamic routing with data coming from
the Internet. Finally, selecting Both enables dynamic
routing for both networks, as well as data from the

It sounds like you would want ''LAN & Wireless'' selected on the 2 'local' routers, with ''Both'' selected on the router connecting them (the 'third' router).

I've looked through the manuals for a few other Linksys routers (WRT54GS/WRT54GL/WRTSL54GS/BEFSX41/BEFSR81) as well, and they all seem to have that option mentioned in some form or another (BEFSR81 needs NAT disabled to use RIP).

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