SQL Server 2005 Insert exec

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Why does the following not insert into the table?
CREATE TABLE #t1 (MessageText  VARCHAR(1000))
declare @DbName varchar(255)
set @DbName=DB_Name()
declare @SQL VARCHAR(1000)
SET @SQL = 'dbcc checkdb (''' + @DbName + ''')'
insert   #t1
Select *
from #t1
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because it returns MESSAGES and not rows.

Good question though.

It ain't work that way

Is an optional integer variable that stores the return status of a module. This variable must be declared in the batch, stored procedure, or function before it is used in an EXECUTE statement.

When used to invoke a scalar-valued user-defined function, the @return_status variable can be of any scalar data type.

I have no idea what Mohan Sekar is trying to tell you.  But I think whatever he's tryign to tell you isn't applicable.

Run the following in Management Studio:

dbcc checkdb ('Your_database_name_goes_Here')

You'll notice that it doesn't have a "resultset" tab, but rather just a messages tab.  This is equivilent to: Print 'Statement'
Print 'Statement'
Print 'Statement'

These are just messages being returned to the console, they are not Records for a resultset.

The real question is, can you put that command into a record result set.  That's a different question.  I'll look into it though for you.
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Per this thread, it's only applicable in SQL 2000 can you get it into a result set.

They suggest using e-mail


My bad....the response was actually for another query.


even though it's not supposed to exist in 2005 I was able to use
Yeah, I found the same thing.  Odd.  Undocumented feather.  Perhaps it was put back in a service pack.

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