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What is the best way to reboot a MS Exchange 2007 Server?

Can I simply use Windows REBOOT?  Or do I shutdown each MS Exchange 2007 database or do I shutdown the Information Store?
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Not sure what best practice is, maybe someone can provide a reference to MS if they have one?

From experience, if your Exchange server is installed according to best practice (and not on a DC, unless SBS) then it should be fine to allow the services to be closed down as part of the shutdown process.

If it is on a domain, there can be a delay when shutting down, because the AD services close before Exchange services and cause issues with the Exchange service shutdown, in this scenario I try to shutdown the services manually and then perform a restart. I have a ps1 script I wrote to shut them down.

People may have other opinions here, this is just what I do.


If clustered:

If not clustered and in healthy order, a simple reboot process should be suffice.  I would also suggest doing this in a low/no peak time to prevent impacting users.

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Depending on the server, I will often stop the Exchange services and then reboot. That will often speed up the reboot. If Exchange is on a domain controller then it can have a dramatic change.

Otherwise I will simply do a standard reboot. Exchange will shut itself down gracefully.



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