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I am using Visual Studio 2008 Analysis Services to create and process a cube, using the AdventureWorks database uploaded to SQL Server 2008.   I first create the cube, using FactInternetSales as the measure.  The cube automatically creates a time dimension called DimTime and links them to due date, order date, and ship date.  I created a hierarchy on the DimTIme dimension -- year, quarter, etc. --, but my attempts to filter on one of these fields have no effect.  I appear to be doing something wrong.

According to the dimension usage screen, the Order, Ship, and Due dates show as being linked to the TimeKey field in DimTime.  Is "Regular" the appropriate type of relationship for these fields?  Since the FactInternetSales table links to DimTime, should this relationship, instead, be "Referenced"?

I've generated this cube several  times, and I've never gotten this to work, and I'm a bit unclear as to the meaning of the different relationship types.  Your suggestions are very much appreciated.  Thank you, ~Peter Ferber

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Check the definition of that Time dimension.  When you let it create the dimension for you, you have to also have it POPULATE data in the source base table as well.

That's probably where your problem is.
One more note, whenever you create your time dimension, it has to have all the members included in it that your fact table needs measured.

And here's a screenshot of where you generate the members (Data Source View area is probably empty for you)

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I think you're on to the answer, but I need more information to take effective action.  

1) How do I check the definition of the time dimension?
2) How do I get the time dimension to populate data in the base table?

Please identify specific commands or properties and, if necessary, attach more images.  My hierarchy looks similar to the image you provided, but I think there's a disconnect, the source of which is still mysterious to me.

Best, ~Peter  
The time dimension is in on the right hand side.  It's under the dimensions folder in your BIDS Analysis services project.

You can click on it and view the definition and  the information.

Unless you defined it on the server only and not in the data source.  I haven't done that -- I populate my dimension through an underlying table.  I believe you can create it as just a calculation if you create the dimension with no source on the server.  But I'm not sure about that.

Sorry about not posting sooner.  Duty called.
PeterFrbData anslyst, tableau visualization developer, vb certified


Thanks!  Sorry to get back to you so late on this.  This question fell under the radar.

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