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I have a desktop PC that is only a year old. It is hard wired to the internet via a wireless Linksys router.

I also have a laptop that is on the wireless system. I want to clone my desktop hard drive onto my laptop hard drive. How can I do this?.
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When you say "clone" - do you mean for use, or as a backup? Which operating systems are involved?

If as a backup, I've used Acronis TrueImage with very good results.

If for use, that is not going to be easy, as the hardware difference between your desktop and laptop is significant enough (I suspect), that Windows will refuse to run...


NotLogical can use Acronis True Image to do mentioned already by NotLogical. However...Acronis makes Migrate Easy 7...which is designed to "Migrate" any information that is on your hard drive onto another hard drive.

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