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Hi Everyone,

Last night we successfully migrated to all users mailboxes and setting to our exchange 2007 and decommissioned exchange 2003, apparently while doing so we came across a small problem which was although overcome. The problem came right after migrating the last user mailbox, the OWA stopped working all of a sudden and while searching online I found out that it can happen and one has to uninstall the CAS and install them back to make it work. well, this is what I did and it worked everything out properly.

But now when I have publish our OWA on the internet i figured out that when I connect on the published address the username and password dialog box appears , when I enter the user and pass it doesn't accept. if I connect on the using i can see the owa login page and i can even login properly...

any clues on why is it happening
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This is default for exchange 2007.

You should be using /owa.

You can also configure 2007 to not have to use and sub directory in the name.

I.E. can use instead of, instead of having to have a forwarder that does it.
Britt ThompsonSr. Systems Engineer
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The /exchange directory is no longer used in 2007 but the virtual directory still exists in IIS.

You can add an HTML redirect to the virtual directory index page to take you to owa : <meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0; url=">


Thanks alot guys but one think I didn't understand and it is puzzling me i.e. when I had initially installed the ex2007 and when I was even in the middle of migration I had tried several times and the web access was working fine but I was only accessing it from inside https://mail/exchange. so if /owa is the default in ex2007 then why was it working from inside at /exchange ..

Mikeewalton you said "I.E. can use instead of, instead of having to have a forwarder that does it." can you please explain in details as how can I do that.

Thanks in advance

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