Stored user name and passwords problem

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Recently everytime I reboot.  All the entries in the stored user name and passwords applet disappear.  

Control panel > User Accounts > "my account name" > Manage my network passwords.

I've been accumulating entries for a long time as I'm a sys admin and work with machines on two domains.  This problem seems to have occurred after the last round of MS updates.

I've added entries since this problem started and after a reboot, they are gone.
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I have seen this problem quite a bit in the last few months on here, with no real resolution. I would be curious to get a list of teh recent updates you have done to research what files have been upgraded.....
From a command prompt...
wmic qfe list full /format:htable >C:\hotfixes.htm
Just another way to do it, in a nice detailed output.....


I attached the results.
From what I can see you went from IE7 to IE8.
Although by no means definative, I have found a reference to this behaviour starting to occur around IE8.
They tried uninstalling IE8 with no success.
A re-image worked for them.

You could check the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Network and HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Network registry hives for DisablePwdCaching.
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I switched to IE 8 when it was first released.  The problem did not occur right after that though.  It started like a week ago.  When you say 're-image' do you mean re-install windows?  I saw those registry entries in another post.  Just like the other person the 'Network' key didn't exist.  I created them, rebooted, but no luck.  I got MS support on this too, but so far all they have done is transfer me around or call to get the same info I've already told 6 different people.

This is frustrating since I connect to many domain PC's.

Any other ideas?
Yes, I meant a complete re-install of windows when I said re-image.
How are you creating the saved passwords?

Have you tried using the add button in Manage my network passwords as opposed to the normal check box for remembering?


I've tried both the check box and the add button.

I really want to avoid re-installing windows.  I did that about 3 months ago and it's very time consuming since I use a fair amount of different software.
If this is for mapping drives then one workaround is to create a script which maps a network drive to the machines you need which also specifies the username and password.
You the put that batch file in your startup folder in your profile.
(as per

I have also experienced XP remembering usernames and passwords for mapped drives that were not valid (even though there was nothing listed in the Manage my network passwords)
I had to use the net use command to change the persistent to NO, then used net use to delete the mapped drives, reboot, once logged on ensure no network drives were mapped, then proceed to use net use with a persistent:YES to map the drives.

Don't ask me why it worked, but in my case it did.

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Make sure that the Protected Storage service is started, and set to Automatic.....
Disable Storage of Credentials and .NET Passwords

Make sure this isnt present either....
Gonna look over your export of the hotfixes. Bout how long ago did this start??


I've heard about the script, I may try that.

Protected storage is started and set to auto.

That reg entry was set correctly.  I even set it to 1, reboot, back to 0, reboot, hoping it would kick the bug out, but no go.

Thanks for you continued help.


Turns out it was a problem with the profile.  After creating a new one the problem went away.  Not the most graceful solution, but it worked.

Also, as a work around.  I copied the cmdkey.exe from server 2003 and created a batch file that would create the user names and p-words.  I put the file in my startup folder and it was like there was no problem.  For added security I converted the .bat to a .exe with a silent execute.  That way you can't edit the file and view the credentials nor do they pop up on the screen when it runs.

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