How to UN SSL my WordPress Homepage?

Jon Jaques
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I have a WP install going on at; it's almost ready, but I'm still working out some bugs and getting content revisions from the customer.

One of the problems I have though is that if during the checkout process the customer clicks back into the other links from the page nav bar, the site stays in SSL mode, and then some images don't work.

In all actuality, the ONLY page that should be secure is the check out page and maybe the admin area.

I've tried the Admin SSL plugin, but it conflicts with my shopping cart plugin.

I do have the HTTPS for WordPress plugin installed, which I would have thought would help to clean up those broken images, but there is a notice in the plugin page which suggests that if some things are not coded properly, it won't work.

So what should I do? How can I, maybe, force the homepage to switch back over to regular http mode? I know I could use wp_redirect, but I don't see where the opportunity to plug that in would be, as the homepage does not use a template.

Any thoughts?

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Try adding this into your WP config file:
// Un-SSL
if( $_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'] == "443"  )
      $newUrl = 'http://' . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
      header( 'Location: ' . $newUrl, true, 301 );
Jon JaquesInformation Technologist


Oh, hey, the config file, hadn't thought of that! And just test out of it for the secure page, huh?

I'll give that a go! Thanks!

Looks like I've got all kinds of points for you, gr8gonzo! LOL!


Ah, sometimes I'm not paying attention to whose questions I'm answering. Glad I can help! :)
Jon JaquesInformation Technologist


Worked like a charm, thanks!

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