How to convert Outlook 2003 from POP3 to Exchange with the same mailbox

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I am looking for a best practice for transitioning users from POP3 to Exchange. Let me explain.

We have a 2003 Exchange server. Most of our users use MAPI to connect to their mailbox. We have a handful of users who connect via POP3.

When a POP3 user wants to be converted to MAPI we typically do the following:

Export everything under Personal Folders to the desktop
Compare file size of exported copy to outlook.pst
Go to Control Panel, Mail, E-mail Accounts, New
Add the Exchange account
Change the delivery of mail from Personal Folders to the Exchange mailbox
Make the Exchange account the default mailbox
Send test messages back and forth to make sure things are working and being delivered into the MAPI mailbox, not the Personal folders (something I learned the hard way)
Remove the POP3 account
Close the Personal Folder

It also looks like that if you have both the POP3 and MAPI accounts in the same Outlook profile for the same mailbox that e-mail messages that are already in the MAPI Inbox will show up again (duplicate), vanish into thin air (not even in the Personal Folder Inbox now) and then mark the MAPI Inbox messages as unread.

Is there a better way to do this, i.e. export the POP3 account and then remove the Outlook profile and start over? I'm hesitant to do something like that in case someone has rules or other customizations set up.

We only need to do this maybe once or twice a year but everytime we do it's an adventure.

If someone has figured out a good way to do this or has a best practice, I'd like to use it for future reference.

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I would open Mail from control panel, remove the POP3 account, add the Exchange account and change the delivery location to the Exchange mailbox. Then open Outlook, right-click the personal folder and close it. Go to file, import, other programs, choose PST, then import the user's PST file into their Exchange mailbox.
I always use a PRF file to configure my users. In your context I would do this:

1. Create a new PRF file for your environment, refer to the documentation here

2. Make sure your PRF file creates a BACKUP profile that does not overwrite the default profile the user is currently using.

3. Execute the PRF file on the workstation of the migrated user. This creates a new profile which would based on Exchange MAPI.

4. Now start Outlook and select the NEW MAPI based profile. Import the historical messages from the POP based profile and it's associated PST file.

After you Export everything under Personal Folders to the desktop why don't you create another Outlook profile (use  the Exchange) and import your pst file ?
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That is the easiest the way you can do, Create a new profile (select exchange) and import the .pst file  into it using import and export wizard.  File->Import and Export.

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