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I am attempting to change Outlook 2003 clients to point to a new Exchange server, in the event the primary is unavailable (disaster recovery.)

I found several scripts an resourcs and all point to modifying the settings in this registry key:

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Default Outlook Profile\13dbb0c8aa05101a9bb000aa002fc45a

I've tried, but this seems to have no effect on the Outlook client.

Has anyone done this and am I missing something?
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Have you used this tool? When I run it, this is the result I get:

C:\Users\exchangetest>\\dc01\netlogon\exprofre.exe /
m /f /a /v
Exchange Profile Update Tool 1.0
[18:38:08] ************** Beginning exprofre run **************
[18:38:08] Starting exprofre on Windows 6.0.6002 at 18:38:08 07/17/09
        Log File = "C:\Users\EXCHAN~1\AppData\Local\Temp\exprofre.log"
        Read Only = "No"
        OS version = 6.0.6002
        Outlook 11 is installed.
        Default profile name = "Default Outlook Profile"
        Profile user = "/o=PRIDE/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=
[18:38:08] Error: f:\df7720\deployment\src\autoprof\ad.cxx(228): CActiveDirector
        "The users mailbox has not been migrated or the profile update has alrea
dy been run."


        The default user profile and/or Outlook files were not changed
Hayes JupeIT Director
extensively... before outlook 2007 it was the best way to migrate profiles... (but that was a very very long time ago now)
ok - you've provided me a log with no detail of what your expected result was. Is this an account that you have moved the mailbox for and therefore want exprofre to change the profile for ?
Have you waited for x.500 address to update in AD (which is what this tool relies upon with the switches you've used). Have you tried using the /s option ?


As I indicated up top, this is for disaster recovery, and so I am simulating the primary server going down. I have moved a mailbox to a different server, and now I need to point Outlook at thi new server. How long does it take for the x.500 to move? Yes, I have tried the /s option.
We did not know that we had to change the x.500 in Active Directory. We have found the MS support document on this and are working through it.

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