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Our company wants to use an apache web log analyzer to improve our website. We are wondering if anyone has used an analyzer that keeps track of the following criteria:

-Length of time for the user to load the webpage
-Time of each request
-Count the number of times a specific error page appears (404 for example)
     -If possible what caused the error
-Analyze the bandwidth (both client and server)
-Length of time for the database calls

Please only mention analyzers that you know have these capabilities and let us know what you thought of that analyzer.

Thanks in advance.
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Are you trying to hit a specific budget?  If purchased software is an option, WebTrends will do at least four of the five things you've stated and may also do the database timing but I have not specifically done that.  All in all, WebTrends is a solid product.  It allows for very versatile log file retrieval including looking inside of zip archives and/or fetching logs va ftp.  It allows for load balanced log file analysis over multiple servers for the same site and has customizable profiles for site by site or sub-site anaylsis.  All in all, it does a very good job and is a stable, reliable product day in and day out.
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Alternatively on the free front and worth a look before speding a few pennies are tools such as: http://www.analog.cx/   and http://awstats.sourceforge.net/

Analog takes a bit longer to set-up, than http://awstats.sourceforge.net/ , but its more flexible, and faster, also the 64bit version has the ability to process large (>4GB) log files.

There are pre-build packages, for both out there, and both include a few tutorials and few example configuration files. What are you trying to do?

If  you have your after a supported product there are plenty out there e.g.

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