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It not reading the password on the database, what do I need add.

It stops on this

  DBEngine.CompactDatabase aName, nname & ";pwd= myPass"

Function RepairMDB(aName As String) As Boolean
  Dim ws As Workspace
  Dim db As Database
  Dim nname As String
  nname = Left(aName, Len(aName) - 3) & "NEW"
   DBEngine.CompactDatabase aName, nname & ";pwd= mypass"
  Kill aName
  Name nname As aName
  RepairMDB = True
End Function

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You're trying to append the password to the destination file name argument (DstName) there. It should be passed in the final argument (SrcLocale). Try changing line 8 above to this:

   DBEngine.CompactDatabase aName, nname, , , ";pwd=mypass"


Thank you!

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