OpenSolaris vs Solaris 10 on Sun Blade 1000

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I've got an older Sun Blade 1000 w/5GB RAM x 2CPU and I am going to update it a bit. It is an UltraSparc 64-bit, not x86.

I'm going to resurrect it and was thinking about OpenSolaris.

It has one of the early releases of Solaris 10 (2007 ish is when I installed it). I'm a bit out of the Sun loop lately so I did not follow the OpenSolaris initiative to even know the difference. Is Solaris 10 no longer a proprietary OS; dir it morph into OpenSolaris or is OpenSolaris a branch altogether.

Anyone running OpenSolaris that can contrast it? Worth the trouble? I won't be using the graphical desktop much but my current image is running Java Desktop (which I'm not so thrilled with honestly).

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Solaris 10 is an officially supported Sun distribution. This is a free download, sun release binary patches, updates, etc. etc. In the future, when you see S10u1 (Solaris 10 Update 1), think of these as service pack releases that add new features and fix bugs for the main Solaris 10 distribution. right now s10u7 is the latest released from Sun.

Opensolaris is nitially based on a subset of the source code for the Solaris 10 Operating System, it is an open source product that people can contribute code to.

the advantage of opensolaris are:
next generation of installer
more device drivers.
it has almost everything solaris 10 has and more..

It has really cool gnome desktop very close to linux interface, it also has very easy upgrade/patching capabilities.
i would recommend opensolaris on your system.

for more information.

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Thanks shivsa. I am to install Oracle on it so I'll check Metalink to see if there are any issues. I did have Sun support at one point so I could get OS updates, are you saying Sol10 updates are now free too?

IMHO yes latest solaris 10 update release is free, this is officially called Solaris 10 5/09 . you can download from Sun website.

but if you are using for commercial purpose then you may need to buy the support for your problems seen with this OS.
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