Creating appt on Iphone, doesn't send to Exchange. Activesynch prob?

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Late in the day. i can't find the answer myself, apparently.  

I have a user who has an iphone  (not the iphone 3GS, but the firmware is later than 2.0).  When she creates an appointment in her calendar on the Iphone, it doesn't synch it with the Exchange Server.  Everything else works with Activesynch and Exchange.  

Is there a 3rd party app that might do this or is there something I'm missing that would allow this?

Is the Iphone even capable of push/pull calender synch with Exchange?  I know that you can get your Calender events sent to the Iphone.  Just not sure if it's even possible to do it the other way around.
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Yes, the iPHone syncs in both directions on Exchange.  If it's not doing it, then something's set up incorrectly.  I would check the settings in iTunes (with the iPhone connected) to make sure you've got the calendar set up to synch with exchange.
As akahan has mentioned the iPhone should sync both ways.

The iPhone is capable of filtering the calendar view, to any one of the calendars that are in your exchange mailbox.

IE. Maybe this person has more than one calendar set up in their mailbox and the iPhone is displaying items from the other one? In order to get it to show all calendars, then just click on the "left" arrow at the top left of the Calendar app ( if you don't see the arrow then there is only one calendar and this isn't the problem!)

Also can you run the active sync test at and post the results back here. We can then try and rule things out..

Subash SundharanIT Infrastructure Architect
When you setup iPhone to sync with Microsoft Exchange, you need to turn on Calendar and Contact sync. Check this..


Turns out it was a conflicting rule on the router.

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