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We have implemented a lefthand iscsi san and successfully move information stores to it.  The SAN is functioning properly, but when I restart the mail server the nic assigned to the SAN doesn't start in time for the Exchange information store to be mounted, so it the service needs to be started manually.  Is there a way to have the NIC assigned to the SAN load up first?  Or is there another solution?
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I woudl first test, but try to set the MSExchangeIS service to be dependent upon the iSCSI Initiator.  Similar to what's being discussed here, using
>sc.exe config MSExchangeIS depend= MSiSCSI   (you're probably forever setting other services to depend on the iSCSI initiator already, or you will be.)

How are you connecting to the SAN? Are you using the MS iSCSI Initiator?

Not sure what you mean that the NIC doesn't start up in time. My guess is that Exchange is starting before the iSCSI Initiator Service.

I would create dependencies on iSCSI for the Server and MSExchangeIS services.

Set Server service dependency so that file shares are created: sc \\computer_name config LanManServer depend= MSiSCSI
Set MSExchange Information Store service dependency: sc \\computer_name config MSExchangeIS depend= MSiSCSI

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