Tractor Labels print 4 then alignment goes south

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So I downloaded the "official" Avery 4076 shipping label template for Word. It will print the first four labels (3x5) perfectly, then form feed a 2" break, then dutifully continue with the alignment now totally screwed up and the labels askew.

I am using an Epson FX-890 dot matrix, including the latest print driver. The template has four labels per page. If I print less than five the template behaves perfectly and stops as it should top of form after a one label blank. If I ask for 8, or 20, or 50 labels the first page of four prints fine, then a 2" gap occurs, and the rest of the print run is hosed. I have looked everywhere trying to find a header, footer, margin, gutter, or anything that might be causing the problem but nothing obvious. All I want the labels to do is print continuously. Help!
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Read your user manual and do the settings config from the front panel.


Your link led me to discover the custom form definition under server properties in the printer and faxes window. After creating a new form and assigning it to the printer, it works again. Thanks.

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