Problem with Receive Connectors in Exchange 2007 in SBS 2008

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I just setup a new SBS2008 with Exchange 2007 and have intermitent email receive problems.  Someone else has also worked on this server trying to get a copier/printer/scanner to email so I am not sure what they did.  There are currently 3 Recieve Connectors shown in Hub Transport.  They are Default, Windows SBS Fax Sharepoint Receive, and Windows SBS Internet Receive.  The first question is do I need all of these or will one work and secondly, how should it or they be configured.  The details for each follow.

Default: General Tab has FQDN of VICSRVR1.vicinc.local
              Network Tab has Port 25 for Local IP address to receive mail (server address) and in receive mail from remote servers it has and
               Authentacation tab has TLS checked, Enable Domain Security unchecked, Basic checked, Offer Basic after TLS checked, Exchange Server checked, and Integrated Windows checked, and Externally Secured unchecked.
               Permission Groups only has Anonymous users checked.

Windows SBS Fax Sharepoint: General  has FQDN of VICSRVR1.vicinc.local
   Network Tab has Port 25 in Local to receive and in receive mail from remote servers is
   Authentication tab only has Basic checked.
   Permission Groups have Anonymous and Exchange checked.

Windows SBS Internet Receive; General Tab has FQDN of
   Network Tab has Port 25 for Local IP address and the following in Receive mail from remote servers:
  Authentication tab has TLS checked, Basic Checked and Integrated Windows checked.
  Permissions Group just has Anonymous checked.

So, the questions are:
1.  Do I need all of theses or will one do (we are not faxing).
2. How should the single or if more connectors be configured?

Any help apprecieated.  Thanks.
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Those are the connectors as configured by the SBS wizards. You should leave them in place.
Furthermore as it is SBS, it should be left to SBS to configure everything, rather than doing it yourself.
If you suspect they are not configured correctly, then run the wizard again, which should correct it.



I will rerun the wizard on Monday Evening and let you know.  Thanks

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