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I recently upgraded our Sharepoint 2.0 site to Sharepoint 3.0 and then Office Sharepoint 2007. I have now (thanks to answers I found in this forum) successfully setup the search process. It is working without error. My problem is that I am returning more content than I need. I have two specific lists that I want to search and that is it. These lists have many items in them and we have several views created. My current search is not only returning the items form the list, but it is also returning every view that that item is in.

How can I limit my search funciton to only inlude the items in the list For example, if I search the word "Enterprise" in my search box I do get the items tha include this word such as:

I also get every view this word is in: Page.aspx Issues.aspx

All I want to return is simply the link to any item.

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As a site collection administrator, go the top level's site settings (within the site itself, not from central admin)... in the Site Collection Administration settings (the fifth column), you want to create a custom Search Scope.  You will define rules such as the paths to those lists, or the content types used in those lists.  


Thanks! I will give that a shot.

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