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I am using Visual Studio 2008 Analysis Services and processing the AdventureWorks database to create and process a cube.  I was having trouble with my time-related fields (Order date, due date,  ship date), which was keeping my project from deploying.  In a fit of pique, I deleted the offending fields, intending to re-establish them later.  However, my impetuousness made the situation worse, and I still can't deploy.  I get errors of the type below:

Error      10      MdxScript(Adventure Works) (13, 8) The dimension 'xxx' was not found in the cube when the string, [xxx].[yyy].[zzz], was parsed.

I tested each dimension separately, and all successfully processed.  My best guess is that some calculated field is failing to find the field I deleted, resulting in this error.  I would appreciate any suggestions for how to ferret out this genre of error.

Thanks, ~Peter Ferber

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I discovered the answer myself.  The answer lies in going to the Calculations tab in the cube and getting rid of any offending calculation that turns up there.

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