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How/were do I change the option to keep the information on the tapes so I don't have to merge old tapes???
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There iis a setting in ARCserve Server Admin, to increase the number of days a session needs to be retained in the database before pruning. You can try increasing that to a higher value.

Also you can try deleting the Database pruning job, which is responsible for pruning the old sessions.

If you are using VLDB, then I would not recomend anyone to have their sessions stored in the database for ever, as it has a very poor maintenance activity and it mostly gets corrupted when it reaches more than 3 GB.

If you are using SQL server as the database then you can go for it, provided you run monthly maintenance plans on ASDB.

There have actually been big changes through the years so at least the question should have contained the version of ARCserve and the type of database would have been a help also. anyways

if it is vldb then you don't want to go over 5gb.

ARCserve Server Admin > Database Engine tab > DB Pruning job
you can change the # of days to retain or as mentioned above just delete the DB Pruning job from the queue. It can always be added back via the Server Admin.

12 & up have no problem maintaining large databases.
If using earlier version check Server Admin Database tab for Use Catalog Database. If available use that. If not then your choice is to keep time of data copies of the database directory and just swap them as needed.

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