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Garyn Charlet
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Config: DSL connected to office computers thru Netopia r9100. No server. Two separate work groups (within the same company) who share printer/copier and internet. All machines running WXPpro.

I have set up a vpn connection on a Netopia 9100 for an employee to log on to the network and hopefully remote desktop to his computer. I can connect the VPN tunnel but cannot get past there.I cannot see shared drives on the network nor does his computer's address show live when I do an IP scan. WIndows firewall is off on his machine.

If I connect to the VPN and try to RD his machine by name it say it cannot find it. I set his computer to a fixed address outside DHCP and tried to connect to the address and it says it cannot connect. I set up an inbound VPN connection for his machine and attempted to connect thru that to at least see his files, but it says it can't connect.

I think I'm missing something pretty basic here but oddly enough I've only worked with server based vpn's before.

Do I have to change to for this location in order to allow it to show up on a computer using a address?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Robert Sutton JrSenior Network Manager

Can you connect to it internally via RD from within your network?
Garyn CharletConsultant


Yes, using the computer name or address.

Thanks for looking at this, but I solved my own problem. I change the remote network's address to 192.168.2.xx and it worked fine. I guess without a server the NAT couldn't figure out what to do with conflicting addresses and just refused connction.

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