how to populate a combobox from mysql database and then populate a second and third combobox based on selection from first and second combobox (using php and mysql database

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I have three tables
manufacturers (id, manuf_name)
cigar_lines(line_id,line_name, id) id is foreign key from manufacturer table
details(detail_id,details,line_id) line_id is foreign key from cigar_lines table

The first combobox needs to get values from the manufacturers table. I want the user to select a manufacturer, have the second combobox populate with all the cigar lines made from that manufacturer(line_name), and then the third combobox populate with all the cigars within the chosen line(details). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Change the db connection parameters and test this code:
function dropdown($name,$id,$display,$selected,$query) {
  echo '<select name="'.$name.'" onchange="this.form.submit()">'."\n";
  echo '<option>Choose...</option>'."\n";
  $res = mysql_query($query);
  if(!$res) die(mysql_error());
  $was_selected = false;
  while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($res)) {
    echo '<option value="'.$row[$id].'"';
    if($row[$id]==$selected) {
      echo ' selected="selected"';
      $was_selected = true;
    echo '>'.$row[$display].'</option>'."\n";
  echo '</select>'."\n";
  return $was_selected;
echo '<form method="post">';
$manufacturer = false;
$cigar_lines = false;
$details = false;
  $manufacturer = (int)$_POST['manufacturer'];
if($manufacturer and isset($_POST['cigar_line'])) 
  $cigar_line = (int)$_POST['cigar_line'];
if($cigar_line and isset($_POST['detail'])) 
  $detail = (int)$_POST['detail'];
            "select * from manufacturers order by manuf_name") and
           "select * from cigar_lines where id=$manufacturer order by line_name") and
           "select * from details where line_id=$cigar_line order by details"))
  echo '<p>Selected: <br />'.
    'manufacturer='.$manufacturer.'<br />'.
    'cigar_line='.$cigar_line.'<br />'.
echo '</form>';

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Excellent answer. Thanks

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