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A client has a video card with an HDMI output and for sound to pass through it, there needs to be an SPDIF connection to the video card. It is a two wire connection, meant to connect to jumper pins. The motherboard doesn't have an SPDIF connection so I bought a sound card that listed this feature, the Creative Labs XtremeGamer. However, I can't figure out how to connect the SPDIF wire pair from the video card to the XtremeGamer. I've not found the answer yet on a search. Any ideas?

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Apparently this is it -
You plug it into the 10-pin SPDIF_IO connector on the X-FI card.  Below is a diagram of exactly where.
P = pink wire
B = black wire/ground
X = pin
0 = no pin

Chris B

On the back of the card there is a set of 4 pins which is the io spdif connector. I could not find an online manual but perhaps it would tell you more information.



In your diagram, is P pin 1 or is it at the other end of the row? I'm calling pin 1 the one with the square pad on the bottom of the board. I tried using pins 1 and 2 in both polarities based on info I found during a search. Your diagram, if viewed from the top of the board, says to try it at the other end of the connector, which I didn't try yet. It looks like you found some very good information on this!  Your layout of the connector looks accurate, and there's not much info on this available anywhere, surprisingly. Thanks! I'll let you know whether it works from the other end of the connector.

Thanks also to tsptech for your answer.
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Chris BRetired

This is the item, nothing much else to offer -

It seems that the 10 pin is actually a ribbon connector which can connect to an adapter -

The XtremeMusic card has the ability for digital in/out, but you either need the Digital I/O Module which connects to the "Flexijack"or the I/O Drive Upgrade Kit which connects to the internal flat ribbon cable connector on the card.

The latter item is here -

Chris B


It worked!!! Thanks for finding that diagram! This is now the only way I know of to send sound through HDMI on a video card using the 2-wire SPDIF line with an internal connections.

Thanks again! 500 points to you!
I just did connect Creative Xtremegamer card from my media center to Bose music system using SPDIF coaxial.

Please find the pins as shown below

SGXGP   (row 1 )                                                                                                                                          
NXXXN    (row 2)

You can see a small number 1 next to pin 1
When you look at the card (when pci connecting pins are facing down) top row right pin is pin 1.
P (pin1) is 5V power. Make sure that you don't use pin 1.
X are un used pins for this purpose.
N are no pins (pin 2 and pin 10 will be missing)

S is the SPDIF Out (pin 9)
G are gound pins (pin 3 and pin 7). So if you have two pin connector or 4 pin connector it will work. Connect the black wire to G.


I got away with connecting to the 5V and Gnd pins in both polarities without blowing out the SPDIF on the video card. Fortunately! (I wasn't so lucky recently on an IDE hard drive where the rubber power adapter didn't prevent me from reversing the power accidently, ruining the HD.)

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