Flash File is too big.

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I am currently using a template that my company bought for me to edit. The only problem with the template itself is that it is a big wait time for it to load.


It needs to load a litter faster than that.. and i was wondering if there were any settings or anything that I could try for the rendered output of the file.

Or if there is a flash compresser that works without dampening too much of the quality that would be awesome.

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Try http://www.show-kit.com/flash-optimizer/

One of the best tool..
Here is a detailed explanation..


I couldn't get the file compressed enough.. It wasn't touching the actual Video part of the file for some reason so the file really wasn't compressed much. Original is 4mb, while the output of the optimized file was 3.8mb... soo any other solutions.. Maybe theres something that can be done to the FLA

Heres a link to it.


I just want to bring it down without too much loss in quality.

You might want to rethink your way of producing this file.

A much better way is to create a light flv player which would contain the start button, and save the video part as an flv file (flash video).

When the start button is clicked the .flv file would stream in.


Yea I was thinking that.. This was a template that my company bought soo thats the way the original guy made it.. I am gonna have to mess with it more


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