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I have two Cisco 3750 and six 2900 switches and I have to configure three VLANs.
When configuring the VLANs I am a little bit confused between server-client mode and transparent mode. Which configuration should I use and why?
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So basically VTP is a way to dynamically propagate VLAN information between switches.  If you use this method, you would set up one switch as VTP server and the rest as VTP clients.  You would only add vlans to the VTP server and it would propagate it out.  This is not a recommended setup as there are issues that could happen that could wipe out your vlan table.  In transparant mode, each switch has to define its own vlan.  So in this method, no switch has the potential to wipe out the vlan database.  The downside is that you have to add each of the 3 vlans to each switch.  Given the size of your network this would the recommended approach.  More work for you but much less risk.

Basically in the server-client mode there is a vlan table with a update # associated to it, its late and I can't think of the right term at this moment.  But lets say you are playing with a new switch in a lab, and make changes to this "lab" switch and play with adding and deleting vlans.  Well lets say that you forgot and left this a vtp server.  Now you have a need to move the "lab" switch into production.  Well now when you do the lab switch has a higher update # on its vlan database than the production switch.  Wehn that happens, this new switch adds and deletes vlans as he knows the vlans, which could wipe out your entire table.  Then there is the risk of losing the vtp server, which causes problems.

There are some ways to mitigate this with careful management and vtp authentication, but for you size network it is best to go with vtp transparent and do it manually.


Thanks a lot.

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