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I want to convert IP addresses to Number using a trigger (unless someone has a better idea). The code below works if an IP address is entered, but if it is already converted to a number it tries to insert NULL.

I figure there is some way to add an if statement, but it is beyond my know-how
create trigger bu_user before update on user for each row
set new.user_ip = INET_ATON(new.user_ip);
- and -
create trigger bi_user before insert on user for each row
set new.user_ip = INET_ATON(new.user_ip);

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This kind of conversion is supposed to be the job of the front-end interface. Your website or application should be making sure the correct data gets inserted into the database.

Easiest thing to do is this:

set new.user_ip = IFNULL(INET_ATON(new.user_ip), new.user_ip);

It should use "INET_ATON(new.user_ip)", unless that expression is null, in which case it will default to just "new.user_ip".


Thanks Frosty555, that works perfectly. I plan to process it on the front-end, but was worried if I miss it on the front-end it would only store the first group of numbers and not flag any errors.

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