How to develop a mail template database that can reuse in any mail template in Lotus Notes

ducvuong used Ask the Experts™
Dear all,
I want to develop a mail template database with many business function. After that, user can use any other mail template (change layout or something) but still has the business function that is supplied by my developed mail database template.
I there any solution to do like that? If have, how to setup (do) it?
 Please help me!
Thanks to all,
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Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

A database is always based on one single template. You can have a chain of templates, where A is based on B, B on C, and the final database D is based on C. A change in A will automatically be copied to B, then to C and finally to D. In your case, originally, there are only the user's mail database and the mail template. Now you want to add your elements. There are two ways to do that:
1/ create your template, configure it so that its parent template is a mail template, and add your elements
2/ make a copy of the mail template, rename it, also rename the template name, and add your functions (you'll lose inheritance of course)

Either way, it is no longer possible for the end-user to select a different original mail template.

I'd say that in standard Notes, it is not possible using the development tools thqt qre built-in.

It might be possible to develop something using DXL. Lots of work, maybe too complex and error-prone.
It might be possible using development tools available in the market (TeamStudio, and others).


Dear bosman,
Many thanks for your quick reply. But I still do not understand your idea. Could you help to send me any sample for more easier understanding?
Thanks in advance.
Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

I tried to make clear that it is not possible using the standard features of Domino Designer.

You need to create templates for all mail templates the users may use. You can base your elements on one separate template.

- you create template T, with your functions
- you create template M1, which is a copy of the StdR7Mail template, and you copy/paste in all elements from T; you have to answer "Yes" to the question that's asked when you paste the elements, so these elements will continue to be from template T; if you change T in the future, M1 will be adapted and then the user's mail db will be adapted
- do this also for M2, based on a different mail template, etc.

I don't have any samples, sorry...


Dear bosman,
I would like to confirm with my special case:
I use Domino/Notes 7.0:
+ I create a mail data base template base on "Mail 7" template with my full business function call template A.
If user use mail template such as "DJX mail 7" of Domino/Notes 7.0 or Domino/Notes 8.0 can inherit from  my template (A)?
Sorry for question again. Please help me.
Thank you very much.
Groupware Consultant
No, not possible. A database can inherit only from one template. But a database can also inherit specific elements from a specified database.

You have to make a new template database B that will serve as a new template for the users. Template B should be based on the standard mail of your choice. Now your functions: store them in template database C, then copy/paste them from C into B. A question will be asked if you want to keep the link between the template elements, you have to click Yes.

Template B will be the template for the users.

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