How to find the PID of processes involving disk I/O activity?

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Hello, How to find the PID of processes involved in disk I/O activity? I would like to identify the processes which is involved in the seriously disk I/O. I am using RHEL 4.
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Suppose Iotop is generally the best solution::

"It requires Python e 2.5 and a Linux kernel e 2.6.20 with the TASK_DELAY_ACCT and TASK_IO_ACCOUNTING options enabled." and you'll probably need to compile it for RHEL 4, since there seems not to be RPMS in the main repos.

So, before trying it check out the kernel / python version you have, and if those accounting options are enabled.
Somehow I feel like it won't be easy and fast to make it work on rhel4...
Another option, although it may not give you the exact information you need, is to use the "top" command.  Once it is running, hit the "F" (capital F) and the then "U" (capital U) follows by the enter key.  This will sort the top list by Page Faults.  This occurs when memory for a program is swapped out to disk - the more page faults, the more disk IO is used to satisfy the needs of the program.

or, use atop - use the 'd' option to sort by disk usage


Thank you! :-)

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