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I am setting up a wireless environment for a section of the office that is the reception and staff rest area for staff and guest. I am using a broadband router Linksys WRT160N. The router IP is and DHCP for office machines starts from  The problem is that I get alot of problems of disconnection even if the wireless signal is excellent.  The only option is to switch of the router and reconnect it  back and then it starts working again.  But this prodecure has to be done very morning.  What is a routing table.  Someone told me that I have to setup the routing table.  How is it done.  
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If you have a single layer two subnet spanning the office you do not need to worry about routing tables. There are several issues that could be causing your problem I would need to know a little bit more about how your network is setup to narrow it down.

Please provide a good description of how this device connects to the rest of your network; what channels you are using what interfaces are connected to what. If you have any other wireless in the area please also provide thier channel information. Any other general info about your network would also be helpful.
Back up the settings on the router. The commands to do that are usually on the Adminstration tab on Linksys routers.

After that do a 'hard' reset on it... instructions here:

Then reload the saved settings and see if the wireless is stable.
I had a similar problem with that same model router, and a firmware update fixed things.

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