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Hi all,

I have a field called elapsed time. It displays the value in seconds. In my report, all I want to do is display in Hours, Minutes, Seconds (ie HH:MM:SS). This must be easy but I am new to Access.
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divide it by 3600
add ":"
get remainder for division by 3600 and divide it by 60
add ":"
get remainder for division by 60

ad you are done :)

You can also see at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/access/HA011102181033.aspx
and if you like do dig deeper: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd569711.aspx - It's really useful.
Set the format property of the textbox to:
If in a query or code use
=Format("[elapsed time]", "hh:nn:ss")

Note: format does not change the stored value. It only changes the way it is displayed.
Oops, I forgot. Internally in Access time is measured in days not seconds. So for the textbox put
in the format property and put
=[elapsed time]/86400
in the control source.

In a query or code use
=Format([elapsed time]/86400, "hh:nn:ss")
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Thanks Nelson I've done this, however one particular total of the time is greater than 24hrs and does not display correctly.


Thank you, after a bit of tweaking I got it to work.
In that case, yaw want to use the technique suggested by gtworek.

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