Visual Basic 6.0 How do i Disable the Open Save Dialog Box in Web Browser Control

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While Opening the Word Document in Web browser Control in Vb 6.0 Open Save Cancel Dialog Box is appearing for Open. This Dialog as same as Dowload Dialog Box. How to Suppress or Hide it.

At the Same time while opening the another Word Document, It is askign the Save Confirmation Message.

How to Disable this Dialog Boxs in Web browser Control in visual basic 6.0

Please Help me about this.
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You don't show your code, but this early-binding example shouldn't need a dialogue box (though the document its template might have code which does)

Dim wrdApp as Word.Application
Dim wrdDoc as Word.Document
Set WrdApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")
Set wrdDoc = wrdApp.Documents.Open("C:\MyPath\MyFile.doc")

To clos a document without saving:

wrdDoc.Close wrdDoNotSaveChanges


Above comment for Opening the Word File.....

By using this Code, While Opeing the Word File inWeb Browser Control(Project --> Cmponents --> Microsoft Internet Controls) is Showing the Open Save Dialog Box to Open

For your Reference Screen Shot of the Dialog box is Attached.

My Question is how to suppress or hide or disable this dialog box.

Private Sub LoadDoc(ByVal strFileName As String)
   WebBrowser1.Navigate2 strFileName
End Sub

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Sorry. I misunderstood the problem.

You could try removing the tick from the 'Always ask...' checkbox. The application should open straight away on later attempts.

Otherwise, you might try FTPing the file and opening the application explicitly.

This Microsoft article discusses the situation:


Thank you for the Reply...

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