Password expiring reminder per script as email for OWA users

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Hello EE community,

I am running W2003 Domain
I have some (or better said, a lot of) mobile users who are using Exchange OWA (2007) only. They continiously forget to change their passwords.
After the password is expired they are unable to login and calling me about change their passwords.
Unfortunately they are often travelling around the globe and sometimes calling me for example at 2:00 AM :)
All these users are members of OWAusers group.
My idea is to build and daily run following script:
- make a query to get a list of members in the group OWAUsers
- for each user, check if his password is at least 5 days valid
- if not - send a mail to this user (read the email from AD)

Could anyone provide me with such script?
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This tool will do the job.

Microsoft have a tool called PEWA which can be scripted, but I find it isn't very reliable. The freeware version of the tool above works.

Thanks Mestha. As always correct and competent ;-)

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